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Welcome to the Durham Ultimate Club website!!!

If you are looking to get yourself or one of your children into the sport of ultimate then you have come to the right page. Below you will see the offerings that we have at the moment. 


1. The next registration for adult players will be starting in February or March for the summer league. During the summer we will offer Sunday and Wednesday leagues where you can sign up as an individual, small group or as a whole team.   

2.  Indoor Pickup is running on Saturday nights, from 7-9 at the Oshawa Civic. All you have to do is show up pay at the front desk up stairs and head on down to the field. Usually the teams are divided with dark shirts on one team and white shirts on the other team so please bring a light and a dark shirt. Pickup is a great opportunity to have a run around, meet new people and learn the rules. If you go please remember to bring your cleats, a water bottle and an extra shirt. You do not need a DUC membership to participate in this pickup event.


Unfortunately there are no winter youth leagues. The next registration for the youth will begin in February or March for the summer leagues. Please be aware that we offer youth programs, for ages 9-13 and also for ages 14-17, from Mid May until the second week of July. Players who are 18 and over should join the adult leagues. Players who are 14 need to be in high school and have played a competitive game in order to play ultimate in the adult leagues. 

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