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2019/2020 INDOOR NEWS


The Durham Ultimate club is pleased to announce that this year we once again be running our very popular Sunday and Tuesday leagues but also offering something new on Tuesdays. For all the details please read the information below. Please note that to play in any of DUC’s indoor leagues you must have purchased a DUC membership. Please also be aware that all indoor league games will occur at the Whitby Indoor Soccer Centre at 695 Rossland Road West in Whitby.

Minimum age:
Since the Sunday indoor and Tuesday indoor leagues are mainly comprised of adults, the recommended age is 18 and over, however, parents or legal guardians can electronically sign a waiver to allow their children to participate so long as the child is in high school.This means that children who are not yet in high school (therefore still in elementary school) are not allowed to play in this league. Parents are expected to be at the games to supervise their children.

Sunday League

Format: 6 on 6 speed point on small field

# Teams: 20-24 (first come first served)

Game Times: 11, 12, 1, 2, 3 and 4 pm

Ratio: 4 :2 (same as last year) (teams are welcome to play 3 and 3 but other teams do not need to match)

Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced (write your preferred level in the comment section when you send the etransfer)

Team Fee: $2860 (Two payments - $1210 due immediately to reserve your spot, $1650 due Nov 15)

Individual Fee: $200 (paid online/includes jersey/6 females and 10 males)  Click here to register as an individual

Dates: October 20th  – April 26th (excluding Mar 15th/Apr 12th)

# games: 26


The schedule will most likely be based on a ladder type system with groups of 6 teams playing 5 games before teams are moved down or up the ladder (same as last year). This year we will be running the stats for about half the year and then resetting them for the second half. So it will seem like we have two 13 week seasons. If the individual team does not fill up then the individual team would have to be cancelled and all money refunded.

Tuesday League October -December(9 games)

This session will run as a 6 on 6 speed point game on fields that run across the width of the field (same as Sunday indoor). The gender ratio will be 3 males and 3 females. Each team will have 12 players and be comprised of two groups of 6 players. After 2 or 3 weeks of play the two groups of 6 players will be separated and paired up with other groups of 6. Pairings will be made in order to improve the parity of the league. The other benefit of splitting up the groups is that groups get to play with a variety of players, and we hope this will help the skill of the league improve as well as create a more social league. Players will be allowed(encouraged) to sign up in groups of 6 players with a set ratio of 3 females and 3 males. If you sign up as a group of 6 you will always get to play with those 6 players. Ideally, we get 24 groups of 6 (which would make 12 teams) to sign up as that will allow us to run 3 games during each time slot (7 pm and 8 pm).  If you cannot find a whole group of 6 players, then you can sign up as pairs or individuals and the league convenor will create groups. But be aware that if you sign up this way you are not guaranteed to play if I cannot make a group of 6 with the correct ratio. The best way to ensure you get in is to create your own group of 6. If you need a player try advertising on the forum. Please be aware that because there are only 12 players per team it is important that all players show up all the time.

Format:  6 on 6 speed point on small field.

# Teams: 12 (first come first served)

Game Times: 7 and 8 pm

Ratio:  3:3 

Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced (write your preferred level on your cheque)

Individual Fee: $90 (ideally one person should pay for their whole group of six players)Click here to register 

Dates: October 22nd – Dec 17th

# games: 9


Tuesday League January - April (16 games)

Format: 7 on 7 speed point on full field

# Teams: 8-12 (first come first served)

Game Times: 7, 8 and possibly 9 pm if we get more than 8 teams

Ratio: 4 :3 (same as last year)

Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced (write your level preference in the comments of the etransfer)

Team Fee: $2560 (due November 30th)

Individual Fee: $150 (paid online/8 females and 12 males) Click here to register as an individual

Dates: January 7th – Apr 28th  (excluding Mar 17th)

# games: 16

The league will run in a similar way to last year with an upper division(competitive) and a lower division(recreational). Teams are requested to indicate which division they wish to start in. Every 3 weeks or so, the top team in the lower division and the bottom team of the upper division will move divisions. If the individual team does not fill up prior to 8 teams signing up then the individual team would have to be cancelled and all money refunded.


To register as an individual for any of the above leagues please look on the right side of the homepage.

In order to register your team please send an email transfer to We no longer accept cheques. 


Thursday Parity League--Not running this year so don't read any further....sorry

The league will have the same indoor rules, except it incorporates individual statistical tracking, balanced team competition, and social mayhem! Player stats (eg. goals, assists, D’s, turnovers) for each game are tracked, and these stats (along with game scores) are submitted weekly. Player values increase and decrease based on their statistics. GM's can trade players throughout the season and are essentially forced to do so in order to stay under league-imposed ‘salary caps’. Registration is for individuals only.

Format: 6 on 6 speed point on small field

Recommended Age:  Since this is an adult league, 18 is the recommended age, however, players as young as 14 who have experience playing competitive ultimate and have parental consent are allowed to play. 

# Teams: 6-12 (must sign up as an individual)

Game Times: Mostly 7 pm but maybe some 8 pm (depends on # of registrants)

Ratio: 4 :2 (unless there are enough women to do 3:3)

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Individual Fee: $110 (paid online) Click here to register

Dates: Session 1 - October 25th – Jan 17th

# games: 13

Teams will not have large rosters (14 players) so only players who can make it each week should sign up. If you would like to play with someone all season, you must be a GM and draft/trade for them! If anyone would like to be a team GM for this season please send me an email. If anyone has been a GM for a parity league before and wants to be the league director and oversee everything please also send me an email.

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