2014 Insurance Print
Before playing any games all players must become members of the Ontario Disc Sports Association (ODSA). By becoming a member, you will be covered by the ODSA's group liability insurance policy. If you are already a member of the ODSA from last year, then they will send you a reminder email one month before your membership/insurance runs out and then you can renew your membership from a link right in that email. When you complete the ODSA registration, there might be a screen asking for credit card information, please just ignore it. You do not pay any money to the ODSA, DUC pays it for you. If you lose that email or are new to the whole process please keep reading.

Renewing my membership
  1. If you are renewing your membership then you don't have to do anything until they send you a reminder. Email. If you have changed your email or deleted the email then  please go to www.ondisc.org/ and sign in or click renewal. (If you do not remember your sign in then you will have to go through the process of having the ODSA send you a reminder email).
  2. Once they send you the email just click on the link within the email. At this point you will probably have to reset your password unless you were smart and wrote it down somewhere. Anyways, once you are logged in, under the green bar that says My Profile select membership info. You will see that your membership expires soon. You must be within a month of your membership expiring in order to renew it. If there is no option to renew on the screen then you are probably not within a month of expiring so just hold off for now. 
  3. If you are within that month of time then click on the link that says securely renew your membership now and then 
  4. Click on the please select a membership arrow to see the list of membership types. Scroll down to the section titled Ultimate Organization Club Members - 18 yrs and up or Ultimate Organization Club Members - 18 yrs and under (depending on your age) and choose Insurance - Paid by club. It should then prefill in your address.
  5. Check the box to copy your address into the billing section. Don't worry you won't be charged any money. Check the box that says "I accept the terms of use" and then click on submit securely.
  6. If these instructions don’t work follow their instruction under renewal on the side menu.

Registering for a new membership with ODSA
  1. Go to www.ondisc.org and click register
  2. Depending on your age select either Ultimate Organization Club Membership – 18 yrs & up or Ultimate Organization Club Members - 18 yrs and under
  3. Follow the instructions
  4. Select Insurance paid by club
  5. Follow instructions

Benefits Of An ODSA Membership

Insurance Coverage’s
  • Individual Benefits - ExtendedMedical Accident Coverage (Varying Amounts)
  • Club Benefits
    $2 million – Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Coverage
    $2 million – Directors & Officers Errors & Omissions/Wrongful Acts Coverage
Membership also allows ….
  • Members to take advantage of negotiated and contracted discounts with hotels across Canada, along with further discounts on
    flights, travel insurance and other sport/travel related services.
  • ODSA to provide all members with the most recent rules for their defined sport i.e. 11th Edition UPA Ultimate Rules and/or
    PDGA – Official Rules of Disc Golf.
  • Receipt of DisKRAZE – ODSA’s eNewsletter plus a special commemorative magazine which will feature a historic
    perspective of the growth of disc sports throughout the province.
  • Members to stay abreast on recent developments in disc sports through constant web updates and Club features
  • A tangible opportunity to support ODSA’s Outreach Programs, designed to grow our sports for the future
  • An opportunity to become involved as a volunteer on the ODSA Board of Directors, its committees or as an area representative.
  • Access to discounted rates for ODSA events and merchandise
ODSA Goals
ODSA will be making grant applications with many funding bodies in order to deliver continued outreach programs including secondary institutions, while continuing with our elementary school programs. We will also be creating formalized documentation for proper coaching, certification and recognition at the Federal level (NCPP). We will be creating the framework for long term athlete development (LTAD), embracing national organizations such as CUPA in the process. With respect to competitions, ODSA has plans in development to run provincial championships, as required for Ultimate and Disc Golf for qualification to National Ultimate or Super Tour Disc Golf Events. Further if a provincial championship is warranted for the secondary school system – ODSA will be there to deliver Currently we also have programs and affiliations with Westmont Hospitality Group and access to over 150 hotels across Canada at discounted rates, you can use these deals for tournaments, business, pleasure whatever and whenever. We've also aligned with athletes international and offer great airline deals based on volume buying power, along with a number of other offerings. We are working on a major car rental company for corporate rates and also a major cellular company for sign-up deals and better unpublished rate programs. We are trying to build on all these offerings and we will definitely be expanding these offerings this year as we have now over 10,000 members as our calling card.

See http://www.ondisc.org/members.html for a better understanding

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