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Hey all, please read this email carefully:

  1. There are no games on August 1st due to the holiday
  2. Please make sure you complete your city of Oshawa screening before each game and captains please continue to ask if your players have done it. As a league we are still responsible for contact tracing.
  3. Captains please etransfer $350 to in order to complete the fees for this summer season. Players get ready to pay your captain your portion of the team fees.
  4. Captains please double check your public roster (that everyone can see) to make sure that you have not forgotten to add any players. Players please check the roster to make sure you are on it. 
  5. New Step 3 Rules 
    • Games go to 15 points and have a hard cap of 1 hour and 40 minutes from the scheduled time slot. Half time occurs when one team reaches 8 points. (this is an actual rule not a modification)
    • There should be no contact between players. Contact is a foul. A small amount of contact between players vying for a disc that is in the air is sometimes unavoidable.  Just be happy that we are playing and do everything you can to make the play without any contact. 
    • Disc space is 0.5 meters when marking the thrower and counting stalls.
    • When marking cutters, players should try to stay 1 meter away from the cutter when the disc is not in the air. Contact between cutters and markers must be avoided. To initiate contact is a foul. 
    • All checks are done by tapping the ground. If a check requires the defense to signal that they are ready before the disc comes back into play, then the player should wait until the player says they are ready. An example of this would be after a time out or a call on the field.  For checks, when there has been no call, for example when you are putting the disc in play after a turnover or an out of bounds throw you do not need the defense to say they are ready. 
    • Players need to bring their own sanitizer and should sanitizer their hands after each point.
    • Masks are not required while playing but are fine to wear if a player wishes. Players wearing masks should avoid touching the front of the mask while playing and if they do, they should sanitize their hands.
    • Substitute players, not on the team roster, are not allowed. Captains can add players to their roster that are maybe just playing once in a while, but that player should only play on that team, and they must have memberships.
    • No high fives or unnecessary touching. Low toes are fine.
    • Players on the sidelines must get back at least 2 meters when a thrower is near the sideline. (actual rule)
    • The ratio is 4 :3. If teams wish to play 4 women and 3 men the other team does not have to match. If you cannot field the proper ratio then you can default the game and then just play for fun. The indies team is short women at the moment and so they will likely be playing 5 men and 2 women. Please respect my decision to allow these players to continue to play despite not having enough women. This team is needed to balance out the numbers and it is not their fault that they did not get enough women signing up. 
    • End zones should be 18-20 yards and the brick mark is 20 yards. 

Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Sun Jul 18, 2021

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