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Hey all, I have three pieces of information for you today.

1. There are no games on the August long weekend. 

2. Sunday Playoffs are on the August 24th/25th weekend. With the 5 pm teams playing on the Saturday and the 7 pm teams playing on the Sunday. Finals will be on Tuesday August 27th at 7 pm and 9 pm so book that day off work if you think you might be in the finals. 

3. League party will be Saturday August 24th. I will schedule a late start to the Sunday playoff games to allow players to attend. More information to follow. 

4. The fall league registration is now up and running. This league is a hat league where you can sign up by yourself or in groups up to 4 (with some exceptions when new players are involved). Once everyone has signed up I throw all the names in the hat and pick teams. Well, I actually put more thought into the teams then that but you get the idea that the skill level is spread out. To grow the league please try and recruit new players. The cost is $65 which includes a jersey. Most weeks you play 1 game on either the Wednesday or Thursday (7-9) and then also a game on the Sunday between 2 and 6 pm. We will likely have 8 teams. If you want to play please don't forget to sign up asap. Last season after I closed the registration I had probably enough people to make 2 more teams contact me saying they forgot to register but I had to tell them they could not play. If you sign up early it gives me time to push for more teams and to try and book more field time.  

To sign up for the fall league you can click this link or find the link on the right side of the homepage.

Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Thu Jul 18, 2019

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