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When do you "tap-in" or check the disc
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Derek Marcotte
Team Admin
2018 Individual Red 5 pm
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Posted: Mon Jun 4, 2018

Came up recently, there's some confusion:


1. A disc is in play when play may proceed without the defense's acknowledgment. An in-bounds disc on the playing field is in play. The disc is subject to a turnover. To put the disc into play at a particular spot on the field means to establish a pivot at that spot.
2. A disc is live when players are allowed to move and the disc is subject to a turnover, but the thrower cannot make a legal pass (e.g., walking the disc to the spot where it is to be put into play). For a live disc to be put into play, the thrower must establish a pivot at the appropriate spot on the field, touch the disc to the ground, and put the disc into play.
3. A disc is dead when play has stopped and can continue only with a check. The disc is not subject to a turnover.


So a check is only supposed to happen when the disc is being brought in from out of bounds, or on a stoppage of play - definitely not on a turnover.

Kevin MacLeod
League Admin

Highland Huckers
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Posted: Tue Jun 5, 2018

Also, if you catch the disc outside of the end zone but your momentum carries you into the end zone, then you must return to the front of the end zone and tap it in there.
Bryce Zimny
League Admin
Highland Huckers
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Posted: Wed Jun 6, 2018

Worth mentioning that in these momentum cases where a player runs out of bounds or into the end zone with a disc, a stall count can be initiated at the place where the disc should be brought into play. This can happen before the player has checked the disc.

Some may question the spirit of this strategy, but sometimes "being the nice guy" can burn you just the same. Your call :-)

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Forum Home »  Rules »  When do you "tap-in" or check the disc
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