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News: Sunday Ultimate Update

Hey all Sunday players, I have two items that need your attention.

First,  I have received a complaint from the director of the Whitby Dome about our members bringing food in the dome. The rule is that we are not allowed any food in the dome. He asked that players who bring their children to the game to stop allowing the kids to eat on the field. We have a good relationship with the dome and so I would ask that you please refrain from bringing any food from this point forward.

All players should check their team roster to make sure that their name appears on it. If you are not appearing for some reason please resolve the issue by speaking with your captain or emailing me. Captains please check your roster as well. I don't want to have to default teams for playing illegal players. You cannot just pick up players here and there because you are short players. The player either has to be on your roster or on the sub list.

Cheers, Kevin



Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 7 days ago
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