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Welcome to Durham Ultimate Club
1Mighty Hucks44000012311021 10.00
2Windchill43100011301218 10.00
3Highland Huckers43010010241113 10.00
4Vertically Challenged43010010261313 10.00
5Bowmanville Crop Dusters4211009271413 10.00
6BMH41120071322-9 10.00
75 pm Indies Red 202241120071323-10 10.00
8Redisculus41030061028-18 10.00
9BWWB40040041025-15 10.00
10RUN DUC Summer4004004430-26 10.00

1Where’s Will?5500001542933 10.00
2Breaking Bad5500001537829 10.00
3Shark Bait54010013381424 10.00
4Top Gun54010013301713 10.80
5The Art of Awesome5302001126197 10.40
6Yeet!5302001120200 10.00
7BWWB 7 pm52030091427-13 10.00
8Game of Throws52030091235-23 10.00
9Swing It51040071525-10 10.00
10Hucking fooligans51040071930-11 10.00
11Bulging Discs 202250050051033-23 10.00
12Watermelon Crush5005005733-26 10.00

1Nimbus76010019955243 11.43
22022 Fall Blue76010019926824 10.00
3Un, deux, trois... Noir!850300181077532 11.25
4Greyvy Train850300188293-11 11.75
52022 Fall Silver840400168693-7 9.88
6Green Means Go!9207001395121-26 10.00
72022 Fall Red9207001371118-47 11.11
82022 What a Buncha Maroons!820600129199-8 10.00

1Punch it, ChewieA191216004450546441 10.00
2Mighty Hucks IndoorA1982900374814774 10.16
3TéléfrançaisA1981100036446477-31 10.16
4GO! A1972100035482496-14 10.00
5DISCrete HuckersB181206004243433896 10.00
6Huck UniversityB191117004240436044 10.00
7175 Grams of EcstacyB191117004245241735 10.00
8Winter Top GunB1910270041437443-6 10.26
9Manthers & TallcansB19811000364694609 10.05
10Days of ThunderB18711000334114065 10.06
11Alligator DuckiesC191405004746537293 10.42
12SpinC191207004338035723 10.00
13Abominable ThrowpeopleC1791700362902873 10.00
14Afternoon DelightC188190035369411-42 10.22
15Turf WarriorsC1980110035363411-48 10.00
16Game of Throws indoorC1970120033343381-38 10.00
17Shake n’ BakeD191216004440733572 10.16
18Team AWESOMED181008003837029872 10.00
19Huck BuddiesE1881900353173107 10.06
20RUN DUCE1841130027240374-134 10.06
21FLICK ITE1641101024253321-68 10.00
22INDIES INDOOR 2023E1630130022238361-123 10.25
23Break FastJ161024003833728750 10.00
24Fast CountJ136250027236246-10 10.00
25Top MarksJ115060021195199-4 10.00
26BBBJ102080014169205-36 10.20

1Snack Talk1110010031314168146 10.00
2Still Can't Find Will10802002622417747 10.00
3Tues Indies 2023105050020191192-1 11.00
4Beer Pressure104150019171199-28 10.00
5Tuesday Cool Kids840400161681626 10.00
6Monster and Friends (Bite That Cookie)102260016172222-50 10.00
7Whiskey Discs Indoor82060012122177-55 10.00
8Fated Union91170012120185-65 11.11

News: DUC is moving to gender parity!
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 10 days ago

DUC is moving to gender parity!

This year the Durham Ultimate Club and its members have decided to make a push to increase the number of women who are playing ultimate and also increase the skill and enjoyment of playing members. Over the next few years our goal is to bring our female/male membership ratio to parity. There are many positives that come from boosting representation of female-matching players in our league. Namely:

  • Players will have more touches
  • Confidence and skill can increase
  • Players may
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News: POD League Info
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Last Updated: Thu Dec 15, 2022

I still need a score from last week. If anyone knows it please put it in the forum. Thanks.

We were going to try a new format for this week but have decided against it for now. Please follow the schedule below for the Dec 6th games. 

Week 10                     LAST WEEK        








Dec 20

7:10 pm






Dec 20

7:10 pm




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News: Adult Pick up Game and practice this Sunday March 12
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 18 days ago

Hi folks, we have had a change of plans for our clinic this Sunday due to a lack of families signing up. Instead of running a famiy event we are running a pick up game with some warm up to start. During the warm up there will be some instruction on how to throw as well as some fun warm up throwing, running and catching drills. After the warm up we will split everyone into two teams and play a fun game of speed point indoor ultimate. If you are upset that your team will not be playiing this Sunday then this ...
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News: News from February 23 Meeting
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 24 days ago

League Meeting February 23, 2023

Please note that there were several side discussions going on and there is a possibility that some information was not put into the minutes. The basic focus for the meeting was to decide what divisions we would be running and to think of ways to grow the number of women in the league. League rules such as using subs, playoffs, etc will be discussed and voted on at the captain's meeting in April. 


Executive – Kevin, Jodi, Chris    &nbs

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Junior clinic April 1 6-8 pm Oshawa
Registration ends:
April 1, 2023
4 on 4 Junior Coed Tournament April 8 Oshawa
Registration ends:
April 8, 2023
Summer Youth Elementary League Registration 2023
Registration ends:
April 29, 2023
Women's Wednesday Early season League 2023
Registration ends:
April 19, 2023
5 pm Summer Sunday Team Fee 2023
Registration ends:
April 20, 2023
7 pm Summer Sunday Team Fee 2023
Registration ends:
April 20, 2023

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Upcoming Events
Abominable Throwpeople  vs.  Game of Throws indoor
@ WISC - new dome East
Sun Apr 2, 12:00 PM
More Info   
BBB  vs.  Break Fast
@ WISC - new dome west
Sun Apr 2, 12:00 PM
More Info   
Fast Count  vs.  Top Marks
@ WISC - new dome central
Sun Apr 2, 12:00 PM
More Info   
Manthers & Tallcans  vs.  Alligator Duckies
@ WISC - new dome East
Sun Apr 2, 1:00 PM
More Info   
Téléfrançais  vs.  Punch it, Chewie
@ WISC - new dome central
Sun Apr 2, 1:00 PM
More Info   
Mighty Hucks Indoor  vs.  GO!
@ WISC - new dome west
Sun Apr 2, 1:00 PM
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