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1Blue Steel2422020068631298333 5.00
2All Blacks2420040064599315284 5.00
3Blood Sweat and Beers24112110048397416-19 5.00
4I Need Wheat!24112110048399428-29 5.00
5Air Traffic Control2492130044341409-68 5.00
6Giv'r2391130042361433-72 4.98
7Revolution2372140039343401-58 5.00
8Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Disc2411220027188559-371 5.00

1Téléfrançais2017030054522412110 5.00
2Turf Warriors2014060048479372107 5.00
3The Chillies1914050047462342120 5.00
4Bonk2012260046594448146 5.00
5175 Grams of Ecstacy201226004650644759 5.00
6Stupid Sexy Flanders201208004449341083 5.00
7Disc Jockeys 201208004441736849 5.00
8clockwork Orange191009003948343053 5.00
9FLICK IT2071120035364466-102 5.00
10Team AWESOMEREST2070130034468521-53 5.00
11Drop the Hammer1970120033389446-57 5.00
12Huck U2060140032377460-83 5.00
13Sunday Individuals 20131931150026311509-198 5.00
14theDISclaimers2020180024270504-234 5.00

1Blue Steel1081100271109515 5.00
2DUC Hunters1080110251327854 5.00
3Ninja Squirrels104060018101106-5 5.00
4Band on the Run10324011797117-20 4.50
5Summer Revolution10315011691103-12 4.50
6Unbalanced Mountain Goat10207101380112-32 5.00

1Backhanded Compliment B11080200261338350 4.98
2DUC DYNASTY 1080200261101037 5.00
3Landsharks Ultimate1070300241229527 5.00
4Highland Huckers1060400221028913 5.00
5Hardcore UFOs104060018100104-4 5.00
6Slings of David B1103070016103116-13 5.00
7Angry Monkey Pirate103070016100119-19 5.00

1Huck Norris B21090100281366076 5.00
2Weapons of Mass Disktruction B2105140021102939 4.85
3Huck'n Heroes B210405011793109-16 4.50
4...Or Die Trying B210118001363132-69 5.00

1Gotta Dump10100000301325577 4.85
2The Huckin' Hustlers1080200261259233 4.85
3Huckamaniacs1080200261159223 4.90
4Bad Mutha Huckas1070300241028913 5.00
5Ultimate for Dummies1070201231239330 4.88
6Shark Bait1060310211019011 5.00
7Discs N Roses1141600201171107 4.98
8Hammer Heads1050500209094-4 5.00
9Victorious Secret114070019101938 4.86
10Flicky Minaj10406001892102-10 5.00
11Pain in the Grass10406001892107-15 4.93
12U Can't Touch Disc10208001480119-39 5.00
13Disc-Orderly Conduct10118001377121-44 4.90
14theDISclaimers100010001045135-90 5.00

1Bulging Disc1070300241088523 5.00
2The Mighty Discs1070300241189622 5.00
3Projectile DiscFunction961200221138627 4.94
4KABOOM106040022101102-1 4.88
5Redisculus10406001891102-11 5.00
6Pic N Flick940500178996-7 4.72
7InDISCribable10307001694119-25 5.00
8Sofa King Ultimate10118001391119-28 5.00

1Wed 3 white11812002814810345 5.00
2Wed 6 grey11713002612210715 5.00
3Black Pantsers11704002514012020 5.00
4Wed 4 light blue1050500201271189 5.00
5Bloodbath & Beyond (1 Red)113080017102135-33 5.00
6Ninja Turtles (Green)10108101161117-56 5.00

1Triple B and Ginger11722002715010347 5.00
2Huck a Loogie11713002613910534 5.00
3Tighty Whities11704002513810830 5.00
4Pylons1170400251271261 5.00
5Ron Burgundy 2.0117040025128129-1 5.00
66 Red 201311515002290114-24 5.00
71 Gold 2013115060021111129-18 5.00
8Black Eyed Peeons114160020114120-6 5.00
9Where's the Brown?114160020104113-9 5.00
107 Lime 20131140700191131130 5.00
11Just enough114070019110135-25 5.00
12Navy Bean Nightmare112090015112141-29 5.00

News: Summer Captain's Meeting this Thursday April 24th
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 3 days ago

The Summer Captain's Meeting is this Thursday from 7-9 pm in the Bobby Orr Room at the Civic. Only captains and or assistant captains should attend this meeting. We will be discussing some of the changes that will be happening for this season. To get to the Bobby Orr room go past the main desk up the stairs and turn left. The room should be on your left as you go through the doors at the top of the stairs.

News: Junior Tryouts for this Tuesday are postponed
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 3 days ago

Junior Tryouts Cancelled for Tuesday April 22nd

Due to lack of interest the Junior (under 19 team) will not be having a tryout tomorrow. Any players who were planning on attending should email kevin at Kevin@durhamultimateclub.com in order to get on an email list. Once there is enough people on the list a tryout will be scheduled. If there are any high school coaches out there please encourage your players to send an email. This year we hope to form a team that can compete at regionals and then go to the Can ...
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News: No Games Easter weekend
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 9 days ago

We will not be playing indoor this Sunday. The other two games will be scheduled once WISC confirms the times for the May 4th games. Enjoy your time off.

Kevin MacLeod

News: DUC Charity Tournament on May 31st
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 13 days ago

Durham Ultimate Club is excited to host its first ever Ladies & Open Charity Ultimate Tournament! All proceeds will go to World Vision's "No Child for Sale" Campaign. Join us in taking action against child slavery, affecting 115 million of the world's children, in degrading, dirty, and dangerous jobs.

WHAT: Ladies & ...Open Charity Ultimate Tournament
WHEN: Saturday, May 31, 2014
WHERE: Oshawa, ON
WHO: All Ultimate Players!
COST: $200/team or $20/individual entry

For all the information and to sign ...
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Registration ends:
April 29, 2014
Wednesday League 2014 (already have a membership)
Registration ends:
May 10, 2014
Wednesday League 2014 + membership fee
Registration ends:
May 10, 2014
4 on 4 Spring 2014 Indoor Tournament
Registration ends:
April 30, 2014
Sunday Summer League Individual Registration 2014
Registration ends:
April 30, 2014
Summer Youth Registration 2014
Registration ends:
May 29, 2014

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Upcoming Events
Téléfrançais  vs.  175 Grams of Ecstacy
Playoff Game
@ WISC Telus (West)
Sun Apr 27, 12:00 PM
More Info   
Bonk  vs.  Stupid Sexy Flanders
Playoff Game
@ WISC Telus (West)
Sun Apr 27, 1:00 PM
More Info   
Turf Warriors  vs.  The Chillies
Playoff Game
@ WISC Hunters (East)
Sun Apr 27, 1:00 PM
More Info   
Disc Jockeys  vs.  FLICK IT
Playoff Game
@ WISC Telus (West)
Sun Apr 27, 2:00 PM
More Info   
clockwork Orange  vs.  Drop the Hammer
Playoff Game
@ WISC Hunters (East)
Sun Apr 27, 2:00 PM
More Info   
Huck U  vs.  Team AWESOMEREST
Playoff Game
@ WISC Telus (West)
Sun Apr 27, 3:00 PM
More Info   
Which of these days could you play on?
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  • I can play on Easter Sunday between 12 pm and 4 pm
  • I can play on Easter Monday between 12 pm and 4 pm
  • I can play on May 4th between 5 pm and 9 pm
  • I can play on May 11th (Mother's day) between 12 pm and 4 pm
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2013 "B1" Division Playoff Finalists
Backhanded Compliment vs. Landsharks
Added Tue Aug 27, 2013

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Gotta Dump

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