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Welcome to Durham Ultimate Club
1Windchill13904003117112843 10.08
2Mighty Hucks13823003117114625 10.00
3BMH1480600301491418 10.00
4Vertically Challenged13805002916013525 10.00
5BBB 5PM14804202812910920 9.57
6Redisculus13706002713910039 9.69
7Highland Huckers12714002714011228 10.00
8Purple Cobras146080026137147-10 11.00
9RUN DUC Summer146080026108151-43 10.00
10Risky Frizzness146071025132148-16 10.07
11Dinner@5 with friends11514102112410321 10.00
12Whiskey Disc 135062021113122-9 10.00
13Huck Buddies11308001784125-41 10.27
145 pm Indies 20231100650626116-90 10.18

1Where’s Will?131102003518111368 10.08
2Shark Bait13805002917013337 10.31
3Breaking Bad1180300271409149 10.00
4The Art of Awesome1370600271391336 10.08
5Top Gun1370600271601564 10.00
6Swing it136250027118123-5 10.08
7Game of Throws146170027138165-27 9.86
8DISCrete Huckers124170021120132-12 10.50
9BBB 7 pm144172021106140-34 9.71
10Watermelon Crush141112001787173-86 10.07

1Wed Black 202311722002713611521 10.00
2Wed white 20237304001379754 10.00
3Wed Blue 2023621300116170-9 10.00
4Wed Red 202361140095672-16 10.00

123 Fall Grey980100251167145 10.00
2Red Shirt Fireball 86020020958114 10.00
3Blue Furies950400191058124 10.00
4White Marshmallows8404001692100-8 10.00
5Fourange / Pumpkins840400168090-10 10.00
623 Fall Gold730400137988-9 11.00
7Back in Black '238107001092110-18 9.50
823 Fall Lime71042075593-38 10.00

1Too GoodA211407004953445777 10.00
2Punch it, ChewieA201055004552050416 10.00
3Mighty Hucks IndoorA196490035420466-46 10.11
4GO! A2144130033491536-45 10.00
5ZIPitB181215004344341330 10.00
6Alligator DuckiesB21101100042491498-7 10.00
7Winter Top GunB1911080041450452-2 10.00
8Days of ThunderB167090030361367-6 10.00
9175 Grams of Ecstasy IndoorC221011100434724675 10.00
10DISCrete HuckersC2210012004252449430 10.00
11FurbendersC1612013037393231162 10.50
12Huck UniversityC189090036343397-54 10.00
13SpinD211407004944139348 10.00
14Afternoon DelightD171106003940231983 10.24
15Abominable ThrowpeopleD20821000383503464 9.85
16Game of Throws indoorD2252150034372472-100 10.00
17Don't Sweat ItE221408005038236715 10.00
18Team AWESOMEE191018004035631442 10.05
19Purple CobrasE2271140037351412-61 10.23
20Turf WarriorsE1740130025270356-86 11.18
21Ultimate FamF211704005538333350 10.48
22INDIES INDOOR 2023F211308004739838513 10.38
23Huck BuddiesF2160150033356382-26 10.95
24RUN DUC WinterF2240180030317459-142 10.91
25Break FastJ13805002924622620 10.00
26Fast CountJ660000181207248 10.00
27BeehiveJ7403001513612115 10.00
28NSNSJ610500899121-22 10.00
29CCCJ41030066079-19 10.00
30Top MarksJ40040043779-42 10.00

1Snack Talk2016040052474347127 10.00
2Beer Pressure221309004840136437 10.00
3HHG221309004844341330 10.41
4Still Can't Find Will2212010004643842216 10.00
5Tuesday Cool Kids211119004440634066 10.00
6Mission Impossible219111004043840038 10.00
7Fated Union1980110035324351-27 10.00
8Jack's Frisbee Team 1900190019224511-287 10.53

News: Summer Information
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 2 days ago

Hey folks, registration for summer Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday leagues is now open for team captains to register their teams. If you don't have a team then you can sign up as a free agent. Spots will go quickly so sign up asap! To register please go to and click on the adult ultimate tab. I have posted the last week of the indoor schedules on the main homepage in case you have not checked your game time yet. 

The old website will be disappearing early next wee ...
Read More

News: Playoffs and Summer Tournament
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Last Updated: Sun Jul 23, 2023

Hey folks, this email contains information on the playoffs and the summer tournament.


5 pm Sunday Playoffs: The top 8 teams will make it to playoffs while the other 6 teams will be scheduled games just for fun. The quarter finals will be Sunday August 20th and semifinals will be Sunday August 27th from 4-6 pm. Finals will be on Wednesday August 30th from 7-9 pm at the Oshawa Civic Field 3(grass). Please note that teams losing in the quarter finals will play each other August 27th to determine the ...
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News: DUC summer and indoor news
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 7 days ago

Hi folks, as the indoor season winds down(all games are on the schedule) we are gearing up to launch the new duc website and get all the summer information out to you on that platform. There are going to be lots of growing pains with the launch of the new site so please be patient as we experiment with what the new site can do. Once we get it working properly I think you will like the more modern look and feel.

The first thing players will have to do when we launch the new site is purchase a membership whic ...
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News: Schedule Informatioin
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2024 @ 8:33 PM

Hey folks, here is the schedule information for this season. 

Tuesday Indoor 7-9 full field
1st half
Start Oct 17th - Dec 19th (10 weeks)
no games Dec 26th
2nd half
Jan 2 - Mar 5th  (10 weeks)
no games Mar 12th March Break
Mar 19 - April 23 (6 weeks)

Sunday Indoor noon-5pm
1st half
Oct 22-Dec 17 (9 weeks)
no games Dec 24th and 31st
2nd half
January 7-Feb 11 (6 weeks)
no game Feb 18 Family Day and the dome is booked by baseball)
Feb 25 -mar 24 (5 weeks) - we are playing both Sundays of the March break
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Upcoming Events
HHG  vs.  Still Can't Find Will
@ WISC - new dome North
Tue Apr 23, 7:10 PM
More Info   
Snack Talk  vs.  Mission Impossible
@ WISC - new dome South
Tue Apr 23, 7:10 PM
More Info   
Beer Pressure  vs.  Fated Union
@ WISC - new dome North
Tue Apr 23, 8:10 PM
More Info   
Jack's Frisbee Team  vs.  Tuesday Cool Kids
@ WISC - new dome South
Tue Apr 23, 8:10 PM
More Info   
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