Welcome to Durham Ultimate Club
1TéléfrançaisA1100003291811 18.00
2175 Grams of EcstacyA110000327198 17.00
3BonkA110000329236 10.00
4Fast CountA10010012329-6 10.00
5Team AWESOMEA10010011927-8 10.00
6clockwork OrangeA10010011829-11 10.00
7Smelly Pirate HuckersB1100003431330 10.00
8Top GunB110000328919 10.00
9Huck UniversityB110000327189 10.00
10The ChilliesB110000324204 10.00
11Break FastB10010012024-4 10.00
12SpinB10010011827-9 10.00
13Turf WarriorsC1100003301515 10.00
14Sunday Individuals BlackC110000318135 10.00
15Sun Individuals RedC10010011318-5 10.00
16Flick 'n HammeredC10010011530-15 10.00
17FLICK ITC1001001928-19 10.00
18Winter G.O.A.T.sC10010011343-30 10.00

1See you Tuesday 110000324816 10.00
2Whiskey Discs11000031679 10.00
3Narwhals110000323176 10.00
4Smack Talk10010011723-6 10.00
5Jurassic Mark1001001716-9 10.00
6Beer Pressure1001001824-16 10.00

1TBD12110100341449153 10.00
2Landsharks Ultimate1281300291488662 9.92
3Highland Huckers1281300291389543 10.00
4Mighty Hucks1251600231261260 10.08
5Slings of David123260119111139-28 9.67
6Short End of the Stick12326101991129-38 10.00
7Sugar Drifts123170118108132-24 10.08
8Junior comp122010001676144-68 10.00

1Weapons of Mass Disktruction12101100331548668 10.42
2Discs N Roses12100200321439152 9.25
3Hammer Heads1291200311558570 11.08
4BMH1290300301408654 11.08
5Redisculus126060024125127-2 10.58
6SCUFF126060024110117-7 11.67
7Flick 'n Hammered12507002277120-43 11.25
8Huck so Hard12209101598123-25 11.00
9Disc Is How We Roll121011001436148-112 11.83
10Huck the World12109201266121-55 11.58

1Blue Steel12111000351568769 10.75
2Breaking Bad1291200311409842 11.33
3DUC Hunters124170021124140-16 11.25
4Ninja Squirrels124170021121139-18 10.33
5Lost in the Woods11306111593107-14 11.64
6SPORTS!11109011274137-63 11.73

1Huckin' Hustlers1291200311529953 10.75
2Fuzzy Kittens1291110301535994 10.92
3Top Gun1282200301509951 11.83
4Shark Bait12903003014310043 11.58
5Ultimate for Dummies1261500251161088 10.75
6Netflicks1261500251261260 10.58
7Bulging Disc125250024120131-11 9.67
8Pain in the Grass12516002392114-22 10.75
9I F T125061021105108-3 11.50
10InDISCribable123090018107145-38 12.33
11Sonic Youth121110001578161-83 11.25
12Spare Parts (Indies)121011001470162-92 11.42

12016 Wed Ghost Busters 151104003717213834 10.13
2Team Black Team151014003618813058 11.00
32016 Wed Real Red1480600301651605 11.29
42016 Wed Kelly Green136070025139148-9 10.69
52016 Wed Royal Blue145081023127157-30 9.93
62016 Wed Carolina Blue1521120020120178-58 10.40

1Fall 2016 White11110000331627488 11.45
2Fall 2016 Orange1180300271389939 11.00
3Fall 2016 Black116050023112124-12 10.00
4Fall 2016 Carolina Blue115150022118130-12 10.73
5Fall 2016 Royal Blue114070019107130-23 11.73
6Fall 2016 Kelly Green113170018108130-22 10.82
7Fall 2016 Red11308001794119-25 11.45
8Fall 2016 Lime113080017111144-33 11.09

News: sunday individual teams
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 17 days ago

Hey all duc members, I really want to add two more teams to the Sunday indoor division but I need more guys. If I get two more teams then I can have 3 divisions of 6 and everything will work out nicely. I will likely schedule the divisional games at the same time as much as possible so if you want to play on two teams you could probably handle it with very few conflicts. High School coaches please see if any of your players want to join. If you plan on signing up please do so very soon because I have to sta ...
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News: Indoor Teams so far
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Last Updated: 27 days ago

Sunday League

Team Name

Division Request


etransfer Received or postmark

Date deposited


Team Awesome


Lee O’Brien

Sept 5

Sept 12

3000 (37ee06)

175 gram Ecstasy


Randy Aitken

Sept 6

Sept 7

Sep 12


500 CAQYmxc2

Spin(in it to spin it)

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Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: Mon Sep 5, 2016 @ 9:33 AM


Sunday League
The Sunday games will be played at the Whitby Indoor Soccer Centre. The game times will be 12 pm, 1 pm, 2pm and 3 pm. The games will be 6 on 6 speed point(same as last year). We have room for 16 teams so it will be first come first serve. If we get more teams then this I might be able to get more time. The season will be 28 weeks long and we will not be playing on Dec 25 and Jan 1, but we will play over March Break and Easter. The first week is October 16th and we run a

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News: Captains Meeting August 31 Minutes
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: Sun Sep 4, 2016 @ 11:31 AM

Captain’s Meeting August 31, 2016

Teams Present: Weapons of Mass Discrimination, Fuzzy Kittens, TBD, Hammerheads, Landsharks, Breaking Bad, Sonic Youth, Sharkbait, Mighty Hucks, Ultimate for Dummies, Highland Huckers

Topic 1 Sub List

-          No subs during playoffs!  Voted in.

-          Lock roster beginning of August.

-          Indoor….subs

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2016 DUC ADULT Membership Fee
Registration ends:
December 31, 2016
2016 DUC JUNIOR Membership Fee
Registration ends:
December 31, 2016
Sunday Indoor League 2016/16 - 28 weeks
Registration ends:
October 23, 2016

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Upcoming Events
Team AWESOME  vs.  Fast Count
Indoor Game
@ WISC Hunters (East)
Sun Oct 23, 11:00 AM
More Info   
Téléfrançais  vs.  Bonk
Indoor Game
@ WISC Hunters (East)
Sun Oct 23, 1:00 PM
More Info   
Top Gun  vs.  The Chillies
Indoor Game
@ WISC Telus (West)
Sun Oct 23, 1:00 PM
More Info   
Huck University  vs.  Break Fast
Indoor Game
@ WISC Hunters (East)
Sun Oct 23, 2:00 PM
More Info   
clockwork Orange  vs.  175 Grams of Ecstacy
Indoor Game
@ WISC Telus (West)
Sun Oct 23, 2:00 PM
More Info   
Smelly Pirate Huckers  vs.  Spin
Indoor Game
@ WISC Hunters (East)
Sun Oct 23, 3:00 PM
More Info   
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2016 Summer Finals
4 Division finals at the Civic in Oshawa under the lights.
Added Mon Sep 5, 2016

Team Photos
Flick 'n Hammered
Team photo album for theDISclaimers
Updated Sun Apr 3, 2016

Team of the Week
Fast Count
Fast count has been playing some great ultimate lately and has tied two of the more competitive teams in the last couple weeks. Congratulations to all members!

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