Welcome to Durham Ultimate Club
1Highland Huckers11000031284 10.00
2Landsharks Ultimate11000031174 10.00
3Mighty Hucks110000314104 10.00
4Junior comp1001001812-4 10.00
5Sugar Drifts10010011014-4 10.00
6TBD1001001711-4 10.00

1SCUFF110000315114 18.00
2Hammer Heads11000031569 10.00
3Discs N Roses11000031376 10.00
4Flick 'n Hammered11000031275 10.00
5Weapons of Mass Disktruction11000031073 10.00
6BMH1001001710-3 18.00
7Huck the World1001001712-5 10.00
8Redisculus1001001713-6 10.00
9Huck so Hard1001001615-9 10.00
10Disc Is How We Roll1001001115-14 12.00

1Lost in the Woods11000031596 10.00
2Breaking Bad101000212120 18.00
3Ninja Squirrels101000212120 10.00
4DUC Hunters1001001915-6 10.00

1Fuzzy Kittens110000315312 10.00
2Top Gun11000031587 10.00
3Ultimate for Dummies11000031376 10.00
4Huckin' Hustlers110000313103 10.00
5Pain in the Grass110000313103 10.00
6Netflicks110000312102 11.00
7InDISCribable10010011012-2 18.00
8I F T10010011013-3 20.00
9Shark Bait10010011013-3 10.00
102016 7 pm rec individual1001001713-6 10.00
11Bulging Disc1001001815-7 10.00
12Sonic Youth1001001315-12 10.00

12016 Wed Black110000315213 10.00
22016 Wed White1001001215-13 10.00

News: Weekly Pick Up
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 2 days ago

Hey all DUC players, there will be a regular Tuesday night pickup game happening at Woodview park in Oshawa from 6:30-8 starting next week. Bring a light and a dark shirt so teams can be made more easily. The one exception will be that on June 21st we are hoping to run a Ladies skills clinic that night. More information on the clinic will come out soon. 

News: Some rules you should know before Monday
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 8 days ago

      Hey all, here are some quick notes on rules:

      1. For Competitive Divisions the full UPA rules will govern play. Major change is that foot blocks are in and so is gender matching. If the receiving team plays 4 girls and 3 guys the pulling team must match. 
      2. Recreational leagues will still play with no foot blocks and a standard 4 male, 3 female ratio. (voted by captains)       * Captains can overrule rules based on mutual agreement prior to game starting.
      3. DUC awards 3 points
      4. ...
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    News: 2016 Memberships
    Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 13 days ago

    If you have not purchased your membership yet then you at risk of not being allowed to play in your first game. Please make it easy on your captain and buy your membership asap. Teams playing non-members will default their game and also be subject to possible league penalties such as fines. Captains can not add you to the roster until you have bought a membership. Oh and once you buy a membership it will stay say you need to buy it until your captain adds you to the roster. We are working on a solution to t ...
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    News: Summer Leagues
    Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 14 days ago


    1. Sunday league starts on the Monday of the long weekend. 5 pm teams play at 2 pm and 7 pm teams play at 4 pm. This is the only day we play that is not a Sunday.

    2. Discs will be available to captains from 1:20-2,  3:20-4 and once again at 6 pm at Ritson fields in the north parking area by the ball diamond. Bring a bag.

    3. Wednesday league starts after the long weekend

    4. Still need some girls for a Sunday 7 pm rec team. Please send me an email at kevin@durhamultimateclub.com. This team will be runni ...
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    2016 Storm the Beach Tournament Aug 6
    Registration ends:
    July 7, 2016
    2016 DUC ADULT Membership Fee
    Registration ends:
    December 31, 2016
    Sunday Summer 7pm Rec Individual Registration 2016
    Registration ends:
    May 30, 2016
    2016 DUC JUNIOR Membership Fee
    Registration ends:
    December 31, 2016

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    Upcoming Events
    TBD  vs.  Highland Huckers
    @ Ritson #4
    Sun May 29, 5:00 PM
    More Info   
    Junior comp  vs.  Sugar Drifts
    @ Ritson #3
    Sun May 29, 5:00 PM
    More Info   
    Landsharks Ultimate  vs.  Slings of David
    @ Ritson #2
    Sun May 29, 5:00 PM
    More Info   
    Mighty Hucks  vs.  Short End of the Stick
    @ Ritson #1
    Sun May 29, 5:00 PM
    More Info   
    SCUFF  vs.  BMH
    @ Ritson #6
    Sun May 29, 5:00 PM
    More Info   
    Weapons of Mass Disktruction  vs.  Redisculus
    @ Ritson #5
    Sun May 29, 5:00 PM
    More Info   
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    2015 Playoff Action 7pm divisions
    Some action photos from Ritson fields. Another great day for Ultimate!
    Added Mon Aug 24, 2015

    Team Photos
    Flick 'n Hammered
    Team photo album for theDISclaimers
    Updated Sun Apr 3, 2016

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    Fast Count
    Fast count has been playing some great ultimate lately and has tied two of the more competitive teams in the last couple weeks. Congratulations to all members!

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