Welcome to Durham Ultimate Club
1Redisculus131201003715510352 10.92
2Discs N Roses13110200351667987 10.46
3Bad Mutha Huckas13101200341517477 10.92
4Weapons of Mass Disktruction B213101200341446975 11.38
5Hammer Heads13805002914111427 11.62
6I'D FLICK THAT!1360700251059015 9.77
7SCUFF13507102292124-32 11.85
8Flick 'n Hammered134090021106132-26 10.85
9Pic N Flick13506202174101-27 10.54
10KABOOM13318101950125-75 11.15
11FIT Discs13209201547130-83 10.92
12U Can't Touch Disc130110201245135-90 11.00

1Highland Huckers131102003515911049 10.54
2Landsharks Ultimate131012003417111358 10.15
3Sugar Drifts13805002914613214 10.69
4Slings of David B1136070025135147-12 10.54
5Mighty Hucks135170024124145-21 11.15
6Backhanded Compliment134270023134151-17 11.69
7Rigor Mortis133280021135146-11 11.00
8Working on Stuff1320110017104164-60 11.23

1Ultimate for Dummies131300003918070110 13.54
2The Huckin' Hustlers131102003517610472 11.08
3Pain in the Grass1390400311431394 11.00
4Top Gun135350026128130-2 13.38
5InDISCribable135350026141146-5 11.31
6Netflicks13436002414813612 13.23
7Bulging Disc134180022124148-24 10.69
8Game of Throws132380020118161-43 12.31
9Shark Bait133190020105152-47 12.00
10Sonic Youth132011001796173-77 10.46

1Blue Steel131201003717910871 10.62
2Breaking Bad1380500291279730 10.92
3DUC Hunters13705102615512233 9.62
4Ninja Squirrels1361600261551487 11.46
5Lost in the Woods135170024129145-16 11.62
6STUDFURY130013001369194-125 10.38

1Wed Blue 201513110200351789286 10.15
2Flash Dragons 121002003216411648 10.00
3Big Black Discs136160026134141-7 10.77
4Sasha Grey 135080023127156-29 11.54
5Another Dollar for the Shot!1330100019121162-41 11.54
6Wed Red 2015122190017100157-57 11.50

1Red Rose Tea Dragon Rover Wine Reindeer Rocket Clifford Rickards Licorice Alert11110000331586197 10.18
2Harvest Maroon1090100281276859 10.00
3Sublime (8 Lime Fall 2015)11803002713310231 9.91
4A cup of tea!1160500231278740 10.09
5Really Really REALLY Dark White1160500231189721 10.00
64 Navy Fall 2015114070019103116-13 10.18
7Purple Lightning11407001985128-43 10.00
86 Royal Fall 201510406001867115-48 11.10
99 Gold Fall 2015940500178395-12 11.33
10White Men Can't Jump (7)11308001799130-31 11.55
113 Forest Fall 2015820600125493-39 10.00
12Works Dept. (11 Orange)10109001265127-62 10.50

1Smack Talk540100131026240 10.00
2Whiskey Discs540100131057629 10.00
3Blue Steel5401001389809 10.00
4BHS43100011854342 10.00
5Narwhals530200117582-7 10.00
6Jurassic Mark52030096587-22 10.00
7Beer Pressure5113008877215 10.00
8Revolution51040078592-7 10.00
9See you Tuesday 510400773100-27 10.00
10Indies40040042395-72 10.00

1Téléfrançais66000017510570 10.00151461520
2175 Grams of Ecstacy64020014413212 10.00150041504
3Bonk610500149151-2 10.00149261498
4clockwork Orange65010014511827 10.67148371490
5Team AWESOME63030016712938 12.67148631489
6Stupid Sexy Flanders630300134171-37 11.671495-61489
7Fast Count63030013311221 10.001494-61488
8Drop the Hammer6303001211192 10.001484-41480
9Huck University620400121124-3 12.001481-31478
10Winter G.O.A.T.s6303001351296 10.00146121463
11Turf Warriors63120015112922 10.67145651461
12The Chillies63030012010020 10.001463-41459
13Top Gun630300110123-13 10.00145541459
14In it to Spin it!631200123136-13 10.831459-21457
15FLICK IT62040094162-68 11.331450-71443
16Flick 'n Hammered60060097179-82 10.001438-51433

News: Sunday Ultimate Update
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 2 days ago

Hey all Sunday players, I have two items that need your attention.

First,  I have received a complaint from the director of the Whitby Dome about our members bringing food in the dome. The rule is that we are not allowed any food in the dome. He asked that players who bring their children to the game to stop allowing the kids to eat on the field. We have a good relationship with the dome and so I would ask that you please refrain from bringing any food from this point forward.

All pl

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News: Initial seedings and playoffs
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 @ 9:01 AM

Hey Sunday Indoor players, to start the season, for the first 3 weeks I will be scheduling games according to the ELO standings and so the schedule will be posted weekly. This should allow teams to find their approximate position on the ladder.  After 3 weeks, I will be grouping the teams into a division of 6, a division of 4 and then a division of 6. I will then schedule teams for 5 games based on a round robin. Obviously the division of 4 will end up with some teams playing twice. After the first rou ...
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News: Indoor starts this week
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 @ 9:44 PM

Indoor Starts this week!

 Sunday indoor will begin this coming Sunday October 18 and then the Tuesday league will start on Tuesday October 20. Two teams in the Tuesday league will have byes for the first week. At the moment only 1 week of games has been scheduled.

  • The Sunday competitive league will be run on a modified ladder format with the more competitive teams playing each other more often. 
  • The Sunday recreational league will just be a round robin schedule.
  • The Tuesday league will have an uppe ...
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News: Tuesday night Indoor Ultimate - Women needed
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: Thu Oct 8, 2015 @ 8:56 AM

Hey DUC members, we need some women to play on the Tuesday night individual team. To sign up please go to the homepage and click on the link on the right side of the page. I am setting it so that only females can register but if there is a female that has a male friend who wants to sign up send me an email as I have room for 1 more guy. Cheers.
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2015 DUC ADULT Membership Fee
Registration ends:
December 31, 2015
2015 DUC JUNIOR Membership Fee
Registration ends:
December 31, 2015

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Upcoming Events
Stupid Sexy Flanders  vs.  Drop the Hammer
@ WISC Hunters (East)
Sun Nov 29, 1:00 PM
More Info   
clockwork Orange  vs.  Huck University
@ WISC Telus (West)
Sun Nov 29, 1:00 PM
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In it to Spin it!  vs.  Flick 'n Hammered
@ WISC Telus (West)
Sun Nov 29, 2:00 PM
More Info   
Bonk  vs.  Téléfrançais
@ WISC Hunters (East)
Sun Nov 29, 2:00 PM
More Info   
Fast Count  vs.  175 Grams of Ecstacy
@ WISC Hunters (East)
Sun Nov 29, 3:00 PM
More Info   
Top Gun  vs.  Turf Warriors
@ WISC Telus (West)
Sun Nov 29, 3:00 PM
More Info   
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2015 Playoff Action 7pm divisions
Some action photos from Ritson fields. Another great day for Ultimate!
Added Mon Aug 24, 2015

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Flick 'n Hammered
Team photo album for theDISclaimers
Updated Sun May 24, 2015

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