Welcome to Durham Ultimate Club
1Redisculus131201003715510352 10.92
2Discs N Roses13110200351667987 10.46
3Bad Mutha Huckas13101200341517477 10.92
4Weapons of Mass Disktruction B213101200341446975 11.38
5Hammer Heads13805002914111427 11.62
6I'D FLICK THAT!1360700251059015 9.77
7SCUFF13507102292124-32 11.85
8Flick 'n Hammered134090021106132-26 10.85
9Pic N Flick13506202174101-27 10.54
10KABOOM13318101950125-75 11.15
11FIT Discs13209201547130-83 10.92
12U Can't Touch Disc130110201245135-90 11.00

1Highland Huckers131102003515911049 10.54
2Landsharks Ultimate131012003417111358 10.15
3Sugar Drifts13805002914613214 10.69
4Slings of David B1136070025135147-12 10.54
5Mighty Hucks135170024124145-21 11.15
6Backhanded Compliment134270023134151-17 11.69
7Rigor Mortis133280021135146-11 11.00
8Working on Stuff1320110017104164-60 11.23

1Ultimate for Dummies131300003918070110 13.54
2The Huckin' Hustlers131102003517610472 11.08
3Pain in the Grass1390400311431394 11.00
4Top Gun135350026128130-2 13.38
5InDISCribable135350026141146-5 11.31
6Netflicks13436002414813612 13.23
7Bulging Disc134180022124148-24 10.69
8Game of Throws132380020118161-43 12.31
9Shark Bait133190020105152-47 12.00
10Sonic Youth132011001796173-77 10.46

1Blue Steel131201003717910871 10.62
2Breaking Bad1380500291279730 10.92
3DUC Hunters13705102615512233 9.62
4Ninja Squirrels1361600261551487 11.46
5Lost in the Woods135170024129145-16 11.62
6STUDFURY130013001369194-125 10.38

1Wed Blue 201513110200351789286 10.15
2Flash Dragons 121002003216411648 10.00
3Big Black Discs136160026134141-7 10.77
4Sasha Grey 135080023127156-29 11.54
5Another Dollar for the Shot!1330100019121162-41 11.54
6Wed Red 2015122190017100157-57 11.50

110 Purple Fall 2015110000315213 10.00
22 Grey Fall 2015110000315213 11.00
312 Maroon Fall 201511000031183 10.00
41 Black Fall 20151001001811-3 10.00
511 Orange Fall 20151001001215-13 10.00
63 Forest Fall 20151001001215-13 10.00

News: Fall Season
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 2 days ago

Hello all, the fall season for some teams starts tonight. Please read this email in its entirety:

1. You should have received an email telling you which team you are on. Please make sure you click on the links in the email to either set yourself up with an account or to link an existing account you might have had from playing during the summer.

2. I will be sending out invitations to buy a membership. If you do not have one click on the link to purchase one. You will then appear on your team's roster. If you ...
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News: Fall League
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 8 days ago

There are still some limited spots left for the fall league. At this time I cannot guarantee that links will be honoured but I will do my best. Teams are being put together today. The first games are next week on either Wednesday or Thursday. The schedule may not be out until Monday.


Indoor registration will be happening soon. If you wish to enter a team on Sundays for the 6 on 6 league but have not entered one in the past please send a quick email to Kevin@durhamultimateclub.com. If you don't have eno ...
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News: Playoff Rules and Schedule
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Last Updated: 6 days ago


Attached below is the information for each division. The rules are different for each division due to the number of teams in each division. If you play in two divisions please read the two sets of rules. Captains should print out the rules and have them handy for the games. All games are on the website schedule and teams must enter the scores after each game so that the standings can be kept updated. Please be aware that the standings default to points for and against and our ...
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News: Pick up Ultimate on Thursday
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 15 days ago

Hey all, there will be a pickup game on Thursday at 6:30 at Julie Payette Public School in Whitby. Bring a light and a dark shirt if you come. Cheers.
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2015 DUC ADULT Membership Fee
Registration ends:
December 31, 2015
2015 DUC JUNIOR Membership Fee
Registration ends:
December 31, 2015

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Upcoming Events
11 Orange Fall 2015  vs.  1 Black Fall 2015
@ Civic Field 3 East
Sun Aug 30, 2:00 PM
More Info   
12 Maroon Fall 2015  vs.  10 Purple Fall 2015
@ Civic Field 3 West
Sun Aug 30, 2:00 PM
More Info   
4 Navy Fall 2015  vs.  7 White Fall 2015
@ Civic Field 4 East
Sun Aug 30, 2:00 PM
More Info   
5 Red Fall 2015  vs.  6 Royal Fall 2015
@ Civic Field 4 West
Sun Aug 30, 2:00 PM
More Info   
2 Grey Fall 2015  vs.  9 Gold Fall 2015
@ Civic Field 3 East
Sun Aug 30, 4:00 PM
More Info   
3 Forest Fall 2015  vs.  8 Lime Fall 2015
@ Civic Field 3 West
Sun Aug 30, 4:00 PM
More Info   
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2015 Playoff Action 7pm divisions
Some action photos from Ritson fields. Another great day for Ultimate!
Added 4 days ago

Team Photos
Flick 'n Hammered
Team photo album for theDISclaimers
Updated Sun May 24, 2015

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