Welcome to Durham Ultimate Club
1Dukes of Ezard2200006441430 10.00
2Smack Talk2200006422220 10.00
3Fuzzinators210100437325 10.00
4Best Before21010043034-4 10.00
5Jurassic Mark21010043036-6 10.00
6Down to Huck 20020022447-23 10.00
7Whiskey Discs10010011418-4 12.00
8Beer Pressure1001001220-18 10.00

1Blue Parity2200006603723 10.00
2Black Parity210100452475 10.00
3White Parity21010043549-14 10.00
4Red Parity20020023650-14 10.00

1TéléfrançaisA3201007544311 10.00
2Fast CountA320100744404 10.00
3175 Grams of EcstacyA32010076465-1 10.00
4A for EffortA311100677770 10.00
5WhackA310200566660 10.00
6Mighty Hucks IndoorA30120046478-14 10.00
7Team AWESOMEB3300009683929 10.00
8Huck UniversityB32010075159-8 10.00
9Bob's your uncleB310200566624 12.67
10clockwork OrangeB210100447461 10.00
11Top MarksB21010044041-1 16.00
12Top GunB1100003301119 10.00
13Turf WarriorsB30030033772-35 13.33
14Break FastB10010011524-9 10.00
15SpinC3300009874839 10.00
16For Immediate ReleaseC2200006392415 10.00
17RUN DUCC220000620128 10.00
18Afternoon DelightC31020055560-5 10.00
19FLICK ITC21010043136-5 10.50
20Flick N Hammered IndoorC30030033580-45 10.00
21Winter G.O.A.T.sC20020023036-6 10.00
22Sunday Indies 2017C100010001-1 10.00

1Black141103003625419955 10.00
2White- The Cool Cats1470700282422402 10.07
3Green145090024235247-12 10.14
4Red Hot 145090024204249-45 10.00

1Barely Legal1090100281428557 10.00
2Don't Poke the Bear!1180300271309337 11.18
3InDISCribable1180300271279037 12.45
4Fuzzy Kittens11704002513410133 10.00
5Breaking Bad11704002513911920 10.00
67 pm Sun Indies1061300231148331 10.00
7Shark Bait11605002312410024 11.36
8Ultimate for Dummies11605002394114-20 10.91
9Barry and the Tigers1050500201161115 10.00
10Top Gun1140700191141104 11.55
11Bulging Disc10406001897111-14 10.30
12SPORTS10406001896124-28 9.80
13Netflicks11317001898136-38 11.55
14Huckin' Hustlers113080017100131-31 10.00
15Discs of Hazzard10307001683131-48 11.00
16Pain in the Grass11109101271140-69 11.91

1Landsharks Ultimate1182100291387959 10.00
2Mighty Hucks1170400251319437 10.00
3TBD1161220221069214 9.55
4Slings of David11407001983126-43 10.00
5Sugar Drifts113170018102130-28 10.00
6Highland Huckers11227001790129-39 9.73

1Weapons of Mass Disktruction11110000331585999 9.73
2BMH1181200281196356 11.00
3Redisculus11713002699100-1 11.09
4Discs N Roses11623002512810523 12.09
5Huck Norris11407001979130-51 12.45
6SCUFF113170018108121-13 11.27
7Flick 'n Hammered11119001460141-81 11.45
82017 Sun Individuals 5 pm 11108201171103-32 11.55

1GO4ARUN141202003817812751 10.50
2DISCombobulated14806003015312924 9.57
3Disc in a Box13724002915511936 10.69
4Last Minute Addition13625002715614214 11.54
52017 wed lime1461700271391345 11.64
62017 wed carolina blue136160026133138-5 11.62
7The Wreckers146080026115154-39 10.79
8Ben Marooney's12407101969113-44 11.58
92017 wed grey11317001893130-37 11.27
10Hot Dawgz123162017107112-5 10.67

1Best Before11100100311498168 10.00
2Stud Thursday1061300231219823 10.00
3Thursday Individual10306101585119-34 10.00
4Thursday MacLeod11119001484141-57 10.00

1Lime Time11100100311399148 10.00
2Fall Black 20171190200291519061 10.55
3Fall Carolina Blue 20171171300261179225 10.73
4Gold Diggers11604102212110813 10.00
5Little p115060021104117-13 10.00
6Fall Navy 2017115060021111128-17 10.45
7Fall Red 201711109101279137-58 10.00
8Fall White 201711019101168127-59 10.00

News: Jorja Gorham
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 15 days ago

Dear DUC member,

It is with a very heavy heart that I am letting you know of the passing of Jodi and Dave Gorham’s 11 year old daughter who was in Sick Kid's Hospital battling Leukemia. Jorja was diagnosed in January and it was very treatable with a 95% cure rate, but unfortunately her body gave in and she passed away on Wednesday morning.

No words can express how devastating this has to be for the family. If you happen to see Jodi and Dave over the next little while please be aware that they are open to hug ...
Read More

News: 10 spots left in Thursday parity league
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Last Updated: 15 days ago

Parity is full

Sign up asap if you want to play in the second session starting in a few weeks. The link is on the right side of the homepage.

News: Only 19 spots left for the next session of Thursday of Parity league
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 @ 7:58 PM

Games are either at 7 pm or 8 pm on Thursday nights at WISC. $120 gets you 12 games running from February to April. Caliber of play is very mixed. 

News: Sponsor our youth Ultimate Players
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: Sun Jan 7, 2018 @ 2:54 PM

Hi all DUC members, if anyone knows of a company or restaurant that might be interested in sponsoring our youth league players or our competitive junior teams please contact Kevin to discuss how we can make something work.  

If you sponsor the youth league (200 kids) your money will help offset the costs of the jerseys. This year we are planning on allowing players the option of ordering a fancier "BE Ultimate" jersey with their names on it which will increase the price significantly.

If you spons ...
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2017 DUC ADULT Membership Fee
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February 28, 2018

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Upcoming Events
Whiskey Discs  vs.  Fuzzinators
Game 2nd half
@ WISC - new dome South
Tue Feb 20, 7:00 PM
More Info   
Jurassic Mark  vs.  Beer Pressure
Game 2nd half
@ WISC - new dome North
Tue Feb 20, 7:00 PM
More Info   
Best Before  vs.  Down to Huck
Game 2nd half
@ WISC - new dome South
Tue Feb 20, 8:00 PM
More Info   
Dukes of Ezard  vs.  Smack Talk
Game 2nd half
@ WISC - new dome North
Tue Feb 20, 8:00 PM
More Info   
White Parity  vs.  Black Parity
Parity Game
@ WISC - new dome East
Thu Feb 22, 7:00 PM
More Info   
Red Parity  vs.  Blue Parity
Parity Game
@ WISC - new dome East
Thu Feb 22, 8:00 PM
More Info   
Which of the following leagues would you participate in on a Thursdsay night starting in February 2018?
(a single question survey)

  • Women's League (4 teams)
  • 4 on 4 mixed League (8 teams)
  • Parity Mixed League (4 teams)
  • 6 on 6 mixed league with 3 women and 3 men on at a time.
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